An exciting new off-the-beaten track adventure to some of the most unspoiled locations around Yunnan, this unique Bivou-curated circuit tour is bound to wow you and leave you with lasting memories, taking you through Nanjiluo, a yet undeveloped and newly discovered trekking destination, and Tiger Leaping Gorge, an old favourite.

D1: Lijiang → Shaxi Ancient Town→ Tongle Village→ Badi Township

After breakfast, we will set off to the romantic ancient town of Shaxi, which is a small village  surrounded by green mountains, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and the produce is abundant.  It is a small town with a long history. It was also the filming location numerous TV and movies.  Next, we will drive  to Tongle Village, a thousand-year-old village of the Lisu people, which is the most representative thousand-year-old village of the Lisu people in the Lancang River Basin. The village is surrounded by mountains and retains a good ecological environment, primitive cultural customs and unique national culture. Overnight stay at Badi Town.

D2: Badi → Achidaga Village→ Nanjiluo→ Cizhong Church→ Feilai Temple

After breakfast, we will take the local scenic tram up the mountain, passing through Camp No. 1 of Nanjiluo Village and finally reaching the lake at Scenic Spot No. 3  (about 3800 meters above sea level) through 43 winding mountain turns, and where we will start hiking.  After trekking through the pristine scenery of Nanjiluo, we will carry on to Cizhong Church by car. Situated on a wooded hillside with a green hilly backdrop and dotted with farmhouses, the complex blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. Overnight stay at Feilai Temple;

D3: Feilai Temple→ Napahai→ Dukezong Ancient City→ Tiger Leaping Gorge→ Lijiang

Get up at about 6:30-7:00 in the morning to enjoy the wonders of the sunrise and golden mountains peak of Meili Snow Mountain! (At sunrise in the early morning, the snow-capped peaks of Meili are like a golden veil under the reflection of the golden morning glow, and they are full of radiance.) The morning glow rolls and surges on the top of the snow-capped mountain, like a thin veil flying, sometimes golden like foil, sometimes orange-red like fire, and the holy snow-capped mountain complements each, magnificent and shocking. Then take a car to Shangri-La, passing through Moon Bay and Napa Lake District.

Enjoy Tibetan lunch at the ancient city of Dukezong at noon, then visit the ancient city, visiting the History Museum, to learn about the history and culture, folk customs and religious beliefs of the Tibetan people.  If you like, you can climb to the top  of the Big Buddha Temple in Guishan Park, turn the prayer wheel, praying for your family and loved ones, or you can freely explore the ancient city of Dukezong, and go into the cafés in the alleys to drink a cup of coffee!

In the afternoon, we will drive to visit Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the most famous canyons in the world, known for its majesty. The Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge is more than 100 meters wide, and when the river flows and collides with the boulder around it, it makes a roaring sound, and the valley echoes. Walk down more than 600 meters of steps to the bottom of the canyon to feel the majestic Tiger Leaping Gorge, and take photos with the turbulent river water at close range.

At about 6 p.m., we will return to Lijiang and The Bivou and end the trip.


  • All above tours including the tickets, transportation, English speaking guide and accommodation
  • One session of Oriental massage for 2 pax