Day 1 Lijiang-Xionggu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Little Zhongdian-Shangri-La (170km)
Day 2 Shangri-La-Nixi-Benzilan-Deqin-Feilai Temple (Meili panorama) (180km)
Day 3 Feilai Temple-Deqin-Cizhong-Tongle-Tacheng (267km)
Day 4 Tacheng-Hada Village-Bazu-Qizong-Shigu (Stone Drum Town)-Lijiang (178km)

A unique itinerary designed for those looking for the ultimate adventure across the most diverse and yet accessible part of the Greater Shangri-La area. Here is what to expect:

Walk along 1300-year-old cobbled streets and join in the turning of the World’s Largest Prayer Wheel in Shangri-La’s Dukezong Old Town

Hoist a Tibetan prayer flag, called Lung ta (meaning “Wind Horse”) in Tibetan and send blessings to your loved ones

Enjoy a journey filled with sumptuous local gastronomic delights from Tibetan yak hotpot to stir-fried wild mushrooms and local crockpot chicken

Take home a souvenir piece of black ceramic for your friends, manufactured by a unique traditional process going back a thousand years

Bear quiet witness to the sacred sight of the morning sun as it slowly illuminates Mt Kawa Karpo, turning one of the Tibetans’ most revered peaks an unforgettable gold

Watch the documentary “Kawagarbo” at a cosy bar called “Meili Reminiscence”

Enjoy wine-tasting at the vineyards of century-old Cizhong church, where vintage wines are made using traditional French missionary winemaking techniques reaching back centuries

Catch the amazing sight of the adorable Yunnan Snub–nosed monkeys, one of the rarest mammals in the world, as they forage in the wild for moss on the trees of Baima Snow Mountain

Visit the unspoiled wooden Lisu village of Tongle and experience first-hand traditional tribal life with the friendly Lisu minorities

Price: Includes guide, accommodation (standard 4-star local hotels**), transport (either MPV or 4WD), experienced driver. Excludes meals and personal expenses

*Please ask for quotation for other group sizes
**Option: To stay in Songtsam lodges (3 nights: Shangri-La, Meili & Tacheng), please enquire.