A unique tour curated by The Bivou for die-hard fans of the 40-episode hit drama series “Meet Yourself” 去有风的地方, starring the popular Liu Yifei 刘亦菲 and Li Xian 李现. The protagonist is a young hotel manager who loses her best friend to cancer and takes off for a rural retreat where she meets a whole bunch of interesting characters and eventually finds healing, herself, and even Love.

Day 1Lijiang – Dali – Fengyangyi Village – Dali Old Town

We set off at 8.30am today, driving for  about 2.5 hours to reach Dali. Upon arrival, we will first drive to Wanqiao and visit one of the important filming sites of Meet Yourself, the Windy Courtyard in Fengyangyi Village where the lead actress first arrives and gets to meet her new friends.

The footpaths in Fengyangyi Ancient Village are all about 3 meters wide, with winding paths leading to quiet hidden corners. On both sides are well-preserved old-style houses of the Bai ethnic group, with walls made up of irregular stones. After more than a thousand years of wind and frost, these old houses display the traces of time, but still maintain their original forms.

In the evening, you can freely stroll around Dali Ancient City and check out the popular tourist routes: South City Gate, Wuhua Tower, Red Dragon Well, Renmin Road, Catholic Church, Foreigner Street, enjoying your free time in the ancient city. The ancient city of Dali is located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan Mountain. It was the capital of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and the Dali Kingdom.  The existing buildings in the city were built in the Ming Dynasty and have a history of more than 600 years. The streets in the city have a typical chessboard layout, known as nine streets and eighteen alleys. 

Day 2: Morning Market – Xizhou Old Town – Erhai Lake

After breakfast, we will drive to Xizhou Ancient Town to visit Dali’s most well- preserved ancient dwellings.  Xizhou Ancient Town, with a history of more than a thousand years, is bordered by Cangshan Mountain to the west and Erhai Lake to the east.  It has unique features and retains a strong Bai culture and history. A must-visit tourist route to see the filming locations of “Meet Yourself” is as follows : Sifang Street – Corner Building – Yang Pinxiangbao celebrity wall – Daqingshu (best on Market Day). For lunch, you can taste the three famous snacks of Xizhou (Xizhou bread, Amaying bean-jelly, and the Bai three-course tea).     In the evening, we will visit a corner of Erhai, another important filming location in the movie, where the lead actors fall in love.

Day 3: Dali–Shaxi–Jianchuan–Lijiang

After breakfast, we will drive by the Eastern side of Erhai Lake on the way to Shaxi, so you can experience the beautiful coastal road, which was shown at the start of the show, when Xu Hongdou first arrives in Dali.

We will then continue on to the main filming location of “Meet Yourself” – hailed by the world’s leading history experts as “the last surviving ancient market town on the Tea Horse Road” , Shaxi Ancient Town, about 2 hours’ drive away.  We will stop along the way, for lunch at the famous Jianchuan Shanlaotui, known for its hig-quality Yunnan ham.

After arriving at Shaxi, we will follow Xu Hongdou to visit the famous “Five Olds” of Shaxi Ancient Town: the Ancient stage, Xingjiao Temple, Old Horse Shop (Ouyang Courtyard), Old Gateway, and Yujin Bridge.  Shaxi was once an important stop on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. With the decline of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, this place was gradually forgotten and hence has been well-preserved.

Along the way, you will have several chances to also experience the gastronomic wonders that made Xu Hongdou fall in love with Yunnan and Dali, including the aquatic vegetables, rose biscuits and so on.

After Shaxi, we will drive to Lijiang where the tour will end.