LaoJun Mountain (99 Dragon Pool)
11 hours | 7:30 am start |

Renowned for its biologically diverse collection of  precious flora and fauna, the 99 dragon pool area, with its dense forests and crystal clear glacial lakes, is China’s second national park, best known for its abundance of rhododendron species, which attracts thousands of visitors each year in the months of May and June.

Notes: Yunnan is renowned as the “paradise for horticulturists”.  Of the world’s over 800 species of azaleas, over 600 species are found in China and more than 300 species in Yunnan itself. The colors of the azaleas in Yunnan are mainly white, pink white, yellow, rose, red and purple.  Join us for some moderate to challenging treks in China’s second national park, Laojunshan National Park, between the months of May and June to fully experience the splendour of these flowers as they carpet the valley.