Trip 1: Lijiang Old Town & Market Guided Trip
3.5 hours | 9:30 am or 2:30 pm start |

A guided exploration of 800-year-old Dayan Old Town, the core of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Major landmarks and key cultural highlights will be visited, with explanations of the region’s rich history as a hub for the Ancient Tea Horse Road. We will pass the imposing Mu Residence, home of the original Naxi rulers for over 700 years (2 hours, 65 rmb), and rub shoulders with the natives at bustling and historic Zhongyi Market, where locals meet travelers from all over the world. Here you can get a real flavor of Yunnan’s abundance, and buy anything from hams, to cheeses and copper pans.

Trip 2: Lijiang Old Town Self Exploration
7 hours | 9:30 am start |

Using the Bivou’s unique hand-drawn map of Lijiang’s Dayan Old Town, you will find yourself unravelling the beauty and mystery of this 800-year-old town at your own pace, slowly piecing together its rich history and culture through its maze of cobbled streets, winding canals, stone bridges, willow trees, and mud and stone domestic dwellings. Watch skilful silver and leather craftsmen, wood carvers, and traditional sweet makers at work, still carrying on century-old trades. Use the Bivou Insider Card to enjoy discounts at recommended merchants, and take breaks at the numerous Western-style cafes and traditional teahouses, before ending the evening at a performance of the Naxi Orchestra.

For more: A video that gives a great introduction to Lijiang, its culture, and the landscape around it. Click here.