Other Recommendations for January-March in and around Lijiang:

  • Lashi Wetland Reserve Tour – Horse riding to experience part of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, viewing thousands of migratory birds from Siberia, cycle to explore well-preserved Naxi villages
  • Hotsprings at Eryuan and Taoyuan – Soak away your worries at some of the best mineral-rich hotsprings in China
  • Wenhai, Snowflake Village, Fuguo Temple Day Trip – See two minority alpine villages – Naxi & Yi, at the foothills of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, clear views of the whole mountain range, enjoy a picnic and day-camp
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Day Tour / Two-Day High Trail Trek – Breathtaking gorge scenery
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Hiking – See the giant from another angle, away from the tour groups, Late February to March
  • Lugu Lake Tour – Highland Lakes, Migratory Birds, matriarchal society culture
  • Baoshan Stone City 2-Day Tour – Ancient Naxi Village perched on a giant rock above the Yangtze, experience architecture and culture along the Yangtze, enjoy a trek through an ancient hand-carved tunnel

Cultual Festival Dates:

  • Sando Festival 8th day of the 2nd Lunar month – honours the Protective Deity of the Naxi people
  • Bangbang Festival 13-15th day of the first Lunar Month
  • Heqing Temple Fair – A fair originally held for the local temple, it gradually evolved into a modern agricultural trade in the early Qing Dynasty, marking the end of the Spring Festival activities, and the beginning of spring farming season
  • Please note: Event schedules, locations and dates have not been officially announced by the Lijiang Government